Lyrical abstract painter
There are certain artists who have exceptional vision. Iranian-born artist Tarane Ebrahimi is a painter whose work shows an exciting visual style that unites form, fluid brushstrokes, and vivid colour into a tapestry of unique inspiration. She combines dynamic movement with emotion, revealing joy and sadness in equal measures. Her work reflects how an artist is able to tap into a range of human experience. Ebrahimi finds producing art her most satisfying experience. “I love colour and what it is capable of doing and makes me feel alive and my paintings are a personal exploration of emotion”. Her artistic endeavours are characterized by her use of a variety of vivid and vibrant colours. She believes that colours are important because they symbolize human feelings and emotions.

Ebrahimi is drawn towards abstraction. She believes that the discussion of a finished piece of work becomes a dialogue with the work and the individual viewer. Abstract art is always open to personal interpretation. “All art is personal, none more than abstract art”. The manifestation in her work is a result of an emotional encounter with the canvas.
Colour and balance are always evident in her work. Her structures and formality of her work allows her the security to explore and interpret corners of her mind. “Perhaps my greatest hope is to bring joy to people through my art”.
The subject matter of her work is also inspired by her passion for beauty and shaped by her imagination. The emotion in her work comes from within and is born at the very moment she idealizes her work, as in the moment that the observer is visualizing the work.
Ebrahimi looks at her art to be a language that, through it she can be heard. It is her religion. Creating transcends her to a place where she can be with the life force that flows through us all. There is this quiet, still place that she finds myself in when she is working and there she can feel herself and find out who she is without the chaos of the world.

 (Review done by Stefan Fiedorowicz, Artist)